Short Vacation

I’m currently en route to Ohio! I’ll be back Tuesday. The blog is on autopost until then. Feel free to send emails/links, but I probably won’t get to them before next week.

There will be updates on Twitter throughout the weekend (including the Creation Museum trip — the hashtag #CreoZerg will be used, per PZ’s request — and the Secular Student Alliance conference), so feel free to send the love on there.

I’ll be taking photos and video… and trying to get Blag Hag to sign my bulletproof vest.

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  • Jennifurret

    The idea of someone wanting me to sign something excites me and scares me at the same time =P

  • PrimeNumbers

    Have fun Hemant! I’ll enjoy following you all on twitter tomorrow.

  • Stephan

    If you are driving or flying in through Dayton, don’t forget to marvel at the giant Jesus near exit 29 on I-75.

    See you at the museum!

  • Stephan

    OH no, I MUST have a squid vs dino t-shirt!!!

  • Jennifurret
  • Stephan Goodwin


    Oh, I so already did!

  • Tom

    CreoZerg? Zerging in Starcrafteeze is synonymous with a “dick move.” That’s my take on it, if you don’t like it, I challenge you to some Starcraft.

    Is a “dick move” what PZ is looking for, or am I a fool to think this is supposed to be respectful of the people represented at the creation museum? Please, by all means disrespect the ideas espoused by the museum, but please treat people with respect. Don’t be a Zerg.