Spreading Atheism via Twitter

An article at Religion News Service by S.J. Velasquez discussing how atheists are getting our message out via Twitter:

Social networking sites and microblog hosts like Twitter are drawing atheists and agnostics out of seclusion and giving them a platform on which they can discuss and debate their religious beliefs — or lack thereof — with the world.

The online buzz surrounding the Creation Museum trip is just one example of how atheists are using the Internet to band together to form a virtual support network, and to provide information about atheism.

The article features quotations from several familiar names, including PZ Myers, Blair Scott, Adrian Hayter, and myself.

(If you’re not following me on Twitter, by the way, you’re missing out on all things wonderful.)

If you do happen to Tweet, please leave your username in the comments and make some heathen-y new friends :)

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