Darwin Greets Secular Student Group

Now, this is how you start a brand new year of your secular student group!

Bring Charles Darwin along and get your pictures taken with him, as the University of Melbourne Secular Society did:

I wonder where else you could put that cutout…

Maybe UMSS could lend it out to a campus Christian group for their Hell House.

(Thanks to Jason for the link!)

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  • http://woofkitty.blogspot.com Samizdat

    I have to get me one of them

  • medussa

    If I put that cutout on my front porch, will that keep the seventh day adventists, and the mormons, and the baptists away? Sort of like garlic for vampires?

  • http://umss.org Jason

    Darwin also featured at the launch of National Science Week, coordinated by the Young Australian Skeptics.

    View their Photo Gallery.

  • http://lyonlegal.blogspot.com/ Vincent

    From the look and the constancy of position and the brief description at the website, I’d say that’s actually a permanently placed bronze flat and not a cardboard cutout.
    Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a cardboard cutout and take it to Dinosaur Adventure Land or the Creation Museum or Ben Stein’s front yard….