Pro-Life Church Says They’ll Take Care of Any Babies You Give Them

Like many of you, I’m pro-choice without also being pro-abortion. I would love to see the number of abortions reduced (while birth control use increases) and I’m personally much happier to hear that a woman had a baby and gave it up for adoption rather than chose to abort it. (Of course, that choice depends on the situation and the woman and sometimes you don’t have both options. I get that.)

A lot of Christians are pro-life with no exceptions at all. One of the rebuttals I’ve heard to this stance is that many of these babies would be born with no one to love them or care for them or provide for them. There’s not necessarily an adoptive family waiting in the wings for every baby.

So I was surprised to hear Pastor Vic Pentz make this statement at Peachtree Presbyterian Church at the end of his sermon last weekend:

I make a promise to you now and I don’t want you to keep this a secret… the Peachtree Presbyterian Church will care for any newborn baby you bring to this church.

We will be the family to find a home for that child, and there’s no limit on this. You can tell your friends, you can tell your family, you can tell the whole world…

The church is partnering with Bethany Christian Services (an adoption agency) to make this happen.

I don’t know if it’ll work — these are just the basic details of the program; the devil may be in the details. I don’t know how good the adoption agency is. I don’t know what being a “Christian” agency entails. I don’t know if the church can really handle an overflow of babies. And like I said, adoption isn’t always the best option for all women who don’t want to (or cannot) keep their child.


Isn’t this a better way to go about being pro-life: Giving women the knowledge of security that any baby they keep will be safe and secure?

I think it’s more effective than protesting outside Planned Parenthoods and using other scare tactics.

(via Church Marketing Sucks)

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