Sedalia Democrat Editorial About the Evolution Band Shirts

I mentioned yesterday a high school band in Sedalia, Missouri that had $700 worth of t-shirts revoked because they featured the “evolution of a trumpet player” and religious parents complained about the “evolution” aspect of it.

An editorial in The Sedalia Democrat gets it partly right…

We find nothing wrong with the T-shirts and believe the students should be able to continue wearing them if they choose to. It’s a play on words that did not endorse or blaspheme any faith.

… and partly wrong:

School administrators overreacted to the pressure from some parents who obviously saw the image as promoting the theory of evolution and a threat to their own Christian beliefs.

We have to wonder how these same parents would react if the T-shirts contained images depicting the resurrection of Christ or the letters WWJD. Would they then be willing to bow to the pressure of disapproving nonbelievers?

Probably not, we suspect.

I know what they’re trying to say. But that’s a bad question to ask. This isn’t about a battle between atheism and theism. It’s just a cute little band shirt. The people who are opposed to it are religious nuts who think reality is one big conspiracy against their faith. In this case, those people deserve to be ignored.

I’m all for religious neutrality in public schools. But this has nothing to do with faith, so let’s not engage the fundies who are trying to spin this that way.

(Thanks to Sackbut for the link!)

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