Baby Halloween Costumes

I’m totally getting these Halloween costumes this year.

I’m also going to need a baby.

All in due time.

And there are plenty more pictures in the collection.

There are also babies in lobster and turkey costumes. I may have to give up the vegetarianism for this.

Don’t try to correct my flawless logic in the previous sentence.

(Thanks to Kay for the link!)

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  • Erik

    I’m gonna dress up as Hemant eating a baby for halloween

  • Anthony

    The five toed chicken (seen while visiting that website) looked a bit freaky to me.

  • Amritha


  • Courtney

    Am I the only one who noticed that in slide 7, the baby’s head is sticking out of the lobster’s rear?

  • Jen

    Omg, that is so darling. I love the pie one, LOL.