It’s Not a Toy, Baby!

I thought all babies were supposed to know not to play with plastic bags…

(I swear I had nothing to do with this.)


This image clearly needs a caption. What do you think?

(Thanks to Stuart for the image!)

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  • schism

    This image clearly needs a caption.

    “Baby likes auto-erotic asphyxiation, baby LIKES!”

  • GT

    “This toy is not a bag.”

  • Sandra

    You’re supposed to breathe into a paper bag to keep from hyper-ventilating.

  • Carlos

    “Vacuum-sealed bag keeps that freshness in, for that taste you love!”

  • Allytude

    Sealing meself from the creationists

  • Jerad

    David Carradine reincarnate.

  • Buffy

    Safety Baby demonstrates what not to do in order to teach your children proper safety skills. Other Safety Baby dolls run with scissors, ride without bike helmets, and play in traffic.

  • Power Pop Pat

    Carlos wins. Hands down.

  • 1minion

    Yes. We don’t have enough atheists eat babies jokes yet.

    I kind of like the safety baby one, too.

  • ursulamajor

    3/4 of the way down, the cupcake (right above the vegan icing). Sure to be a hit at any atheist party!

  • Cliff

    White Anglo parenting skills manifest an American minority.