Zebras, Beware!

Today’s Pearls Before Swine shows us a foolproof way to sneak into someone’s house:


This strip also confirms what I’ve long believed:

Jehovah’s Witnesses are really crocodiles. Or is it Mormons? Crap.

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  • With the white shirts, they look like Mormons. The JWs I get dress a little different. More snake like.

  • zoo

    I dunno if dresses make one more snakelike :P, but I agree with Jeff on the Mormon crocodiles. ‘Course, the Mormons leave when I say I’m not interested. The last Witnesses I met tried to play on my feelings (was having a pretty bad day) to get me to talk to them after I expressed disinterest. Sorry ladies, Jesus can’t fix this atheist’s problems, and manipulation isn’t the way to get me to talk.

  • medussa

    I just tell em I won’t join any religion that won’t let me be a polygamous lesbian. That usually ends the conversation…