Find me at the AAI Convention

Have you seen this person?
Why the hell not?

Just a quick post to say that I’m in Burbank, California for the Atheist Alliance International Convention!

If you’re here too, let me know!  For the most part, I’ll be at the Secular Coalition for America table in the exhibit hall, so I shouldn’t be difficult to find.

Here’s a tip though: I’m Jesse, not Hemant.  Curlier hair and lighter skin.

If you come say hello, I’ll give you a spiffy “Secular Values Voter” button!  Because honestly, religious people who care about abortion aren’t the only ‘Values Voters.’

About Dr. Denise Cooper-Clarke

I am a graduate of medicine and theology with a Ph.D in medical ethics. I tutor in medical ethics at the University of Melbourne, am an (occasional) adjunct Lecturer in Ethics at Ridley Melbourne, and a voluntary researcher with Ethos. I am also a Fellow of ISCAST and a past chair of the Melbourne Chapter of Christians for Biblical Equality. I have special interests in professional ethics, sexual ethics and the ethics of virtue.

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    Have a good time, and don’t forget to give Bill Maher hell for his anti-science lunacy.