People Who Eat Invisible Food Should Go on a Diet

ZOMGitsCriss responds to her Christian detractors with her usual charm:

"And since he actually knows nothing about their sex lives, he's lying about it."

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  • Gabriel

    Wow, that was short, clear, to the point and just wonderful. Good job.

  • PinoyAtheist

    She is brilliant!

  • medussa

    She makes me like femmes….

  • ihedenius

    That was very good. She stated the atheist position very succinctly.

  • muggle

    Short, sweet, and to the point. She has a way of saying things directly and getting her point across. I think because she says it straight out, no apologies. Most of us feel so impolite.

  • QrazyQat

    She’s funny too.

  • I never i was into bondage til I saw Criss.
    Wanna tie her up.
    Romanian perfection.

  • Claudette

    I’m disturbed by cousinavi’s comment and don’t tell me I don’t have a sense of humor.

    Anywho … I love her videos and I can’t believe her Origin of Stupid video (that she posted two weeks ago) almost has a million views! Good for her (and us skeptics!)

  • Heidi

    We need more people like her.

  • Anonymouse

    Claudette is right. The bondage comment was out of line and sexist. We’ve had this problem with people commenting on this woman’s videos before. She’s a person, guys.