Google is God

The pig said it. So it must be true.

(via Pearls Before Swine)

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  • llewelly

    Google knows what the goat thinks?
    Anyway, we all know sheep will be raised up, and the goats will thrown into the pit, so whatever the goat thinks, he’s going into the pit after he dies.

  • Ian
  • Bronzepot

    The comic reminds me of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. What can’t Google answer? Ask Google!

  • Arachobia

    For proof Google is god. I think I love the irate hate mail the church of google gets most of all.

    I also love saying ‘Ask god’ to religious people, instead of telling them to google it. For extra laughs, call wikipedia Jesus

  • MH

    So if Google is God, what does that make Bing?

  • JHGRedekop

    As Zefrank would say: “Google is our Dear and Glorious Leader”.

  • dantresomi


  • Angie

    So if Google is God, what does that make Bing?

    The Antichrist?

  • muggle

    I love this comic strip! This is the reason why.

  • Elzigzag

    So if Google is God, what does that make Bing?

    I have a serious suspicion, it must be some kind of false prophet trying to lead us astray. I always feel guilty after searching at Bing. I guess it’s the Googly Spirit (that lives within me) reprehending me.