The Praying Robber?

Gregory L. Smith planned to rob the Advance America check cashing store on Monday.

He pointed a gun at the sole store clerk, Angela Montez. He told her he had a son to feed and that “he had no choice.”

“I started crying and praying and telling him, ‘Don’t do this,’ he was too young to throw away his life,” Montez said on a 911 call to police.

And what happened after that? See for yourself:

This is not a feel good story. This isn’t about the “power of a god.”

Ron Gold‘s reaction is shared by many of us, I’m sure:

But if prayer is so fantastically powerful, why did the guy keep robbing? And so what if he turned himself in later? He was caught on camera and recognized by his family, so he was probably going down one way or another. Also, what about everyone else, atheist or religious, who didn’t commit a felony? They all deserve more credit that a praying robber.

If you want to give a god credit for preventing this robbery, then god should also get the blame for letting robberies happen in the first place.

(Thanks to everyone for the link)

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