Baby Trap

Well, how else did you expect me to catch my dinner?

(via Unscrewing the Inscrutable)

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  • Hammurabi

    I love it. However it seems to be a trap to catch atheists, not babies. In order to catch a baby you’d have to put a tit or something in the center.

    Also, you can replace the baby with an alter boy and call it a Catholic Priest trap. (Tasteless, I know…)

  • Kilre


    The other other white meat!

  • Gilgamesh

    Aww, what a cute kid… I bet he’d be delicious.

  • Sanity

    Ewww, raw baby.

  • Judith Bandsma

    No, No, No. You need a humane trap for babies. Jaw traps tend to ruin the best and tastiest parts.

  • Cafeeine

    Judith, you missed the point. The trap is for atheists, the baby is the bait.

    Although its still a bad trap. Everyone knows iron traps can’t catch most atheists’ feet since they sold their soles to the devil.

  • Sven

    Very powerful statement and careful observation. All people are born as atheists. Than after indoctrination they become theists.
    So in this photo, the baby is the atheist and the trap is religion. Yes I totaly agree with this motivational.

  • Tamara

    I enjoy reading your blog but enough with eating babies already. It’s kind of creepy.