Adam and Eve Are Just Friends

As God rested, the let’s-just-be-friends zone was created on the 7th day…

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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  • Robyn

    AHAHAHHA!! Oh, that was awesome. 😀

  • Whore of All the Earth

    “I’m gonna be busy namin’ a bunch of animals.” Hehe. :)

  • Jeffrey

    Don’t worry about it Adam, let me tell you about a guy named Onan…

  • Delphine

    Have you seen this?

    Gay Adam:

    I know it’s been around for a while, but it’s still my favorite Adam and Eve video.

  • Hans

    “S’up?, yeah, whatever, going over to the Tree of Knowledge, comin’?”

  • hoverFrog

    Adam, dude! Rejected for a big snake. That must hurt.

  • Matt Johnson

    It says video not found for me :o( anyone else got a link?

  • hoverFrog
  • Greta Christina

    Hilarious! Of course, my inner nitpicker is going, “Hey, they’re still in Paradise, they haven’t eaten from the tree yet — what are they doing with their nakedness clothed?” Still. Funny.