Creationist Horror Movie

I have a feeling this movie would still be more accurate than Ben Stein‘s Expelled.

(via SMBC)

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  • JulietEcho

    lol… I suppose the real “horror” comes from the astoundingly inaccurate portrayal of evolution?

  • Jonas

    My mind is quickly flashing between The Wonder Twins, from ‘The Super Friends’, and Terminator 2.

    Wonder Twin Powers Activate
    Form of ** A Spatula **

  • David D.G.

    Sorry, Hemant, but all I’m seeing here is a tiny red “X” in a little white square bordered in bright blue. What is the movie that you’re talking about?

    ~David D.G.

  • Fett101

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Club, David. It’s a webcomic but the site seems to be down.

  • Cat’s Staff

    It’s up now…

    Shouldn’t the last frame say “You’ve been selected…AGAINST!”

  • David D.G.

    Ah, I’m seeing it now. Thanks!

    ~David D.G.

  • flawedprefect

    It is so Anime!! Awesome!

  • Joffan

    And the moral is: if you threaten someone with a knife, don’t be surprised if they turn nasty.

    Next week: a couple of kids throwing stones at a duck are unfortunately eaten when it morphs (sorry “evolves”) into a crocodile.

  • Dan

    That would be so cool to have scalpel hands. I can’t wait to get into a microwave and see if it works.

  • hoverFrog

    I’m impressed how the transitional form between hand and scalpel looks like a fork. Still functional as a limb and as a utensil.

  • Dan

    Having one of each (fork-like hand and knife-like hand) was probably a big advantage when digging into a big plate of crocoduck.

  • Jessica Sideways

    Oi… I am so not getting it. Anyone care to clue me in?

  • Dan

    Do you mean you don’t get crocoduck, Jessica? It was held up as the ultimate proof against biological evolutionary science. Someone thought “hey, there’s no croco-duck. That disproves it all.” You can have a good laugh if you search the following in youtube or google:

    kirk cameron crocoduck


    kirk cameron crocoduck O’reilly

    It’s the ultimate in missing the concept. has crocoduck shirts in the store. He wore a crocoduck tie when he was interviewed by Bill Maher recently. Very funny, but very pathetic that this is about the best that the creationists can put forward.