Speaking at a Christian Conference

This finally went up on their website so I feel comfortable announcing it. Ashley Paramore and some guy named Hermant are speaking at the (Christian) Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh this February. We’ll be participating in a panel discussion between Christians and atheists. (I apologize in advance for the music playing in the background of the website…)

I’m looking forward to the event. There will be plenty to write about during and after the conference, I’m sure.

Thanks to Jonathan Weyer for getting the organizers to extend us an invite!

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  • http://logofveritas.blogspot.com Veritas

    Hermant Méhta – it could be your evil alter ego.

  • http://struckbyenlightning.wordpress.com LinzeeBinzee

    Hermant – your female alter ego

  • http://adoubtersramblings.wordpress.com adr

    SWEET! Something in my hometown that I can actually attend. Be sure to keep us posted on the details of when the panel discussion will be happening HeRmant (lol)! I’m sure I don’t want to sit through much else that will be going on at that event!

  • Morgan

    I’m going to this conference, and this panel is one of the things that got me really interested. Also, you’re really cute.