A Stocking Stuffer for Atheists?

It’s evolution, flipbook-style:

Not a bad stocking stuffer for a science-appreciating child. You can buy them at Charlie’s Playhouse!

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  • muggle

    Heh, I called my grandson (6) over to show him and see his reaction. He not only asked me to replay it several times but then asked me to play the one at the bottom where he saw a picture of a kid (the one with the kids’ explanation of evolution).

    I’m afraid he found their explanations better than mine! There you have it a living example of the need for it in school. All I got was that chart showing man at different stages.

    Seems Santa needs to pick up some stocking stuffers.

  • http://www.gangwon.blogspot.com kwandongbrian

    It looks interesting and I plan to spend some money at Charlie’s Playhouse, but could you please fix the title? Get rid of the first ‘A’ or the ‘s’ at the end of ‘stuffers’. Oh, and please be gentle if you plan to point out the hundreds of similar errors at my blog.

  • http://10plusyears.blogspot.com/ 10plus

    First thing I thought of when I saw the title of your post was that someone had stuffed a big fat baby into a stocking. You know, to go along with those chestnuts roasting over an open fire.