Best Preacher-Baiting Photo

by Jesse Galef –

Funniest reaction to hell-spouter ever. We had our own campus preacher at the University of North Carolina, but I never got to see a counter-demonstration like this one at Yale:

Melissa McEwen at ShakespearesSister provides a description:

If you can’t view the image, it’s a picture of 25-year-old evangelist street preacher Jesse Morrell, who has been preaching about the “evils of sin” on Yale’s campus, wearing a sandwich-board reading: “REPENT: Fornicators, Homosexuals, Liars, Thieves, Masturbators, Obama Voters, Buddhists, Dirty Dancers, Hindus, Gangster Rappers, Muslims, Drunkards, Feminists, Immodest Women, Democrats, Liberals, Evolutionists, Atheists, Potheads, Sodomites. HELL AWAITS YOU!” Two men kiss in a passionate embrace in front of him. [Photo by Daniel Carvalho.]

My goodness, I think I fall into somewhere about 10 of those categories….

I don’t think this demonstration will help poor Jesse Morrell, who will likely come away from the experience more convinced than ever that he lives in a sinful society desperately in need of his preaching.

But the counter-demonstration definitely helps everyone watching. It’s good to remind everyone that these sentiments can be laughed at and deserve ridicule in our society.

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