Holiday Song by Tripod

by Jesse Galef –

For some holiday entertainment, I bring you a song by the Australian comedy group Tripod. You know the shepherds who, in the story, followed the star to Bethlehem? Well, there must have been some non-superstitious shepherds who didn’t go off chasing a star… What happened to them?

The song is: I Was the Only Shepherd (Warning: Not Safe For Work due to occasional cursing)

Didn’t cop a look at the manger,
But at least my sheep weren’t in any danger!
How many times must I explain t’ya
That I’m the good dad…
And they’re all the sh*t dads!

You’ve also gotta love the very last line…

"But...that's not their territory. i guess that's the point."

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  • medussa

    Effin hilarious on so many levels.

  • Richard P

    Thanks, that was great.

    Speaking of x-mass specials has anyone seen the Colbert x-mass special. I kinda wish I had some some fundies around I could watch it with, the moral outrage would be great entertainment.
    It was magnificent, It’s hard to believe he hasn’t been strung up.

  • Trace

    Thanks, Jesse. It was fun.

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    @Richard P
    Yes I have, and it was bloody brilliant. I think I will rewatch it today, now that you’ve brought it up.

  • Richard P

    you can watch it on line here:

    One of the few sites that let you see it in Canada.
    It is a non English video site but quick to download. written in Japanese or something. The movie was in english.
    I had no security issues.
    I especially liked the fourth wiseman… who would have known…..

  • Tripod has talent!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The problem with the parody is that the Star of Bethlehem appears only in Matthew’s gospel, and Magi, not shepherds, follow it (Matthew 2:1-12). Luke’s gospel mentions shepherds, but an angel tells them of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:8-20).

  • muggle

    It figures. The hard worker gets screwed while the slackers get all the credit. I liked it. A touch of realism within make believe.

    Thanks, Richard for the link to Stephen Colbert’s. I like John Stewart’s Hannukah song best.

  • Yeah, I saw that one a good while back on TV.

    Tripod are great; very talented guys.

    Their website ( is a bit of fun, too.

  • Veitcho

    Gotta love Tripod

    The show it’s from is called The Sideshow. Unfortunately, it’s not being made anymore.

    The host, Paul McDermott, hosts a show called Good News Week, which is a good watch.

    He participated in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Great Debate. His argument is definitely worth watching