Gallup Poll: Americans Are Becoming Less Religious

People are losing their faith and it’s not just a recent fad. It’s a trend that continues to go in our direction.

A new Gallup poll shows a lot of progress on the side of rational thought.

Protestants? Declining.

Catholics? They had been going up but they’re heading back down.

No religion? Steadily increasing.

This is fantastic news.

But wait. There’s more!

How important is religion in your life?

Very Important? Yes, a slight increase over the past couple decades but it’s been relatively steady.

Fairly Important? A slight decrease, but again, it’s fairly steady as of late.

Meanwhile, check out that line for people who do not find it very important! That baby’s going up! 19%!

Also going up? The number of people who are not going to a church/synagogue:

But here’s the kicker.

Is religion old-fashioned and out of date?

People are catching on.

Many of them may still be “spiritual” or they might personally believe in a god, but they are leaving the churches.

As long as the churches hold anti-gay, anti-science views, they are going to continue to lose this battle. Younger people are smarter than the churches give them credit for and they are leaving the churches in droves.

How do we keep these trends heading in our direction?

We have to keep pointing out the damage that churches cause.

We have to continue to lay the blame on religion when anti-gay, anti-science legislation is passed. Church isn’t always the sole culprit, but in America, you know it’s the main source of the misinformation. Not enough pastors are doing their job to combat the lies that their peers are spreading.

We have to keep coming out to our friends and family as atheists and letting the world know we exist.

We have to offer something positive for the people who are thinking about leaving the church but still want tradition and community.

The trends favor our way of thinking but we need to keep working at it if we want to keep the lines going in our direction.

(via Center for Inquiry)

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