Another Child Died Because His Parents Left His Medical Care to God

A little over a year ago, 16-year-old Neil Beagley was suffering from an inflammation of his urethra. He was unable to pee as a result of this. His kidneys and bladder stopped working, he had heart failure, and he died a painful death.

This was all treatable.

So why didn’t his parents help him? Why did Neil refuse any medical help? How could presumably sane parents watch their child die slowly and not get any actual medical help?

Police said the boy and his family are members of the Followers of Christ Church, a highly secretive group in Oregon City that has been practicing a distinct brand of religion since at least the mid-40s after moving to Oregon from Idaho. They believe they are God’s chosen children and that God’s will can heal those he chooses.

Here’s the kicker: the family is directly related to the Worthingtons — daughter Ava also died of treatable conditions. They’re all members of the same church.

This whole idea of letting a child die because the whole family has been brainwashed into thinking “God will provide” when no god does anything of the sort is disgusting.

The Worthingtons were found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter, though the father was convicted of “criminal mistreatment.” What will happen to Jeff and Marci Beagley? We’ll see. Jury selection for their trial just began the other day.

They’re charged with criminally negligent homicide. They deserve to be put in jail. I fear that, like the Worthingtons, they’ll be let off the hook and the cycle will just continue in this mess of a church.

You want an example of why having more faith is a problem? Here you go.

If you’re interested, there’s more background on the Beagley family and this case here.

(Thanks to Jaysen for the link)

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