Atheists Help the Homeless (Again) in Austin

Joe Zemecki and several atheists in Austin, Texas helped the homeless (again) over the past weekend — it’s their 7th such giveaway:

What a wonderful project. So easy to put together, relatively cheap compared to other events, and well-appreciated by the people receiving the goods. I hope their giveaways continue.

On another note, I had a chance to meet Noelle George over the weekend. Noelle runs the SECULAR Center in Houston, Texas — another group that focuses on volunteering and helping the less fortunate in the area.

If you’re in either location, these are some wonderful groups to join. No matter where you are, any donations you can give to these groups are going to worthy causes.

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  • Jamie

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  • Trace

    Those atheists and their fast walking sure look possessed by demons!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Allison

    Yay, I’m from Austin! I’ll make sure to check these out next time I’m in town.

    However, it is usually a good idea to donate food and other items to shelters, rather than directly to the homeless. It makes them a lot more likely to go somewhere where they can get continuing help instead of staying out on the streets.

  • muggle

    Cool. Very cool.

  • Adam G. Van Kirk

    Nice! I signed up for the mailing list and hopefully can volunteer here in Houston. Looks like a good cause! <3

  • lonesparrow

    I’ve always thought it was unfair to make someone listen to a sermon so they could eat a meal.
    Telling someone how God is so great when they are suffering tremendously is kind of mean too.