Scarlet A Scarf

You know what you need to keep warm during the cold weather (which will last through April if you live where I do)?

A Scarlet A scarf:

The scarf was made by Amanda Metskas (the president of Camp Quest) and it’s for sale on eBay with all proceeds benefitting the Students For Freethought/Thomas Society (i.e. atheist/Christian groups) service trip to New Orleans this spring.

Other items that are on sale can be found here!

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  • Leilani

    That is just too awesome! Seriously. :) Hoping she makes more!

  • Tyler in SoCal

    That’s actually a pretty sharp scarf. If these were widely available for $30-ish or less I would definitely be interested.

    Right now it’s $71 on ebay! Keep goin!

  • Jenniffer Groceman

    Eighty-one dollars! Yipes! I’ll just take a red Sharpie to my regular scarf. :) I hope for their sake it rakes in a bundle.

  • Derek

    atheist/Christian groups? Does that mean that atheists and Christians are actually working together on something?

    That would actually be pretty awesome.

  • Alex R

    I promise you I will not be wearing a scarf in April, because where *I* live, it will certainly be warm.