Cooking with Christ

I think the “Fun Facts” are my favorite part of the new video from Betty Bowers (America’s Best Christian).

Like the one in the frame below:

What else would you expect from the founder of Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers?

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  • Claire Binkley


    I don’t know if I would spread this around, myself. Seems overly irritating and too much trying to make a point.

    At least, I wouldn’t today.

  • Wayne Dunlap

    Though I am no longer a Christian, I must admit that I found this sort of humor offensive, and certainly does not help to promote dialogue between Christians and Atheists.

  • Alpha Bitch

    Bwahahahahahaaaa! Lady Gaza!

  • muggle

    I thought it was hilarious but somehow I’m thinking of Bree Vandercamp.

    Of course, I admit to watching a “Desperate Housewives” DVD before coming to the blog.

    I love the acronym! Never underestimate the power of a bitch!

    Have I ever mentioned that a certain Elton John song is my theme song?

  • Gustavo Keener

    “…with all the crucifixins!” I love this.

  • Angie

    Betty Bowers does it again! :)