God’s Circular Logic

No. No he could not.

(via SMBC — Thanks to Leo for the link!)

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  • http://lehooo.myopenid.com Lehooo

    Hey, thanks for posting my link!
    Also, first!

  • http://primesequence.blogspot.com/ PrimeNumbers

    Love it. And it gets right to the heart of the issue.

  • http://agnosticism2010.blogspot.com/ nomad

    Yes. Yes he could.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    My favorite philosophical conundrum: If the Christian God is all-powerful, could he create a stone so large that hitting himself on the head with it would explain the change of personality He underwent between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

  • http://hoverfrog.wordpress.com hoverFrog

    Bobby isn’t cowed by authority. Clever cartoon kid.

  • Greg

    I always wondered if god could procreate…

  • Red

    I always liked “could god microwave a convenience store burrito so hot that even he couldn’t eat it?”

  • joey2joey

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Cyanide and Happiness seem to be made by non believers.

    Are you going to show Cyanide and Happiness’ annual “Zombie Jesus Day” comic on Easter?