Jamie Kilstein Goes After Anti-Gay Christians

Comedian Jamie Kilstein was in Chicago the other night at the Lakeshore Theater (which is the best place ever) and had wonderful material about Rick Warren, Ted Haggard, women’s ministries at Saddleback, gay rights, the Bible… and all the other wonderful topics you love to discuss :)

I heard him channeling a little Patton Oswalt there for a moment. Anyone else?

Also, I think he took about one breath during that entire piece.

Gotta love him.

(Thanks to Jeff for the link!)

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  • http://darwinsdagger.blogspot.com Darwin’s Dagger

    This guy’s good at ranting, but for a comic he ain’t particularly funny.

  • http://camelswithhammers.com Camels With Hammers

    Good call, Darwin’s Dagger, they are different skills. I enjoyed the rant but didn’t laugh at all.

  • http://www.zuuthreads.com Wade Roe

    He’s not a comedian, he’s a slam poet. That also explains why he was speaking rapidfire.

  • muggle

    “God’s a dick.” I couldn’t agree more.

    No Carlin but I got a couple of chuckles.

  • http://www.greatmangenesis.blogspot.com Alec

    Funny…but you may want to put NSFW in the title…I’m just lucky I’ve got a boss who’s a humanist and easy going.

  • Dave

    I was at that show, that section want particularly funny, it was more of a rant than anything else. It was all stuff I’ve heard before anyway. The best part was hearing all the offended people complain.

  • http://www.Dead-Logic.com Bud

    For what it’s worth, I laughed. Guess we all have different preferences. I mean, it wasn’t “old lady falls down stairs” funny, but I had a few laughs.

  • Bryan

    Are you kidding me, that guy was GREAT!

  • Derek

    I miss Carlin. He was brilliant and creative in his rants. This fella, not so much.

  • http://www.bolingbrookbabbler.com William Brinkman

    I found parts of it funny,and based on this segment, it seems like he’s improved since the last time I saw him live.

  • Ross


    I agree. That rant was really funny. It had me laughing out loud.

  • Angie


  • http://criticallyskeptic.blogspot.com Kevin

    Trying not to laugh so loud, I’m pulling a muscle holding in my laughs.

    Warning to others, don’t watch at work or you will look very strange – or people will ask what you’re laughing at.

  • nan

    Really? “crystal meth,the NASCAR of drugs” didn’t make you laugh…a little?

  • http://centerforinquiry.net/dc Simon

    Jamie will be performing for us at CFI DC, come see him if you’re in the area on April 21: http://ga1.org/center_for_inquiry/events/kilstein/details.tcl