Are They *Mocking* Us?

Curse you, Toothpaste For Dinner:

I’m going to find you in my Prius and teach you a lesson.

  • Alan

    Hemant: “Not my fault. The brakes on the Prius ARE in recall.”

    Shameful side note:I love the Smuggie…

  • Revyloution
  • Ron in Houston

    I suppose smugness is an equal opportunity offense.

  • Revyloution

    Ron, don’t confuse smugness with well earned condescension. You can be smug and wrong. Were superior because were condescending and right.

    Plus, atheist humor is always funnier.

  • Jenny Bliss

    hmm.. unless the steryotypes about blondes are true and im just being stupid (which i dont belive for 1 moment but wrong time and place for that :P) buuuuut i dont get it 😛

  • Narvi

    Technically, ALL blankets are atheist. Show me a single blanket that believes in any gods.

  • Jeff P


    The stereotype is that many atheists are smug in their lack of belief in God. Thus Smuggie.

  • Lagunatic

    I think that dude’s scalp is evolving at a rate inconsistent with his face.

    He’s a transitional species.

  • dnRoyston

    To be honest, I like it. I would probably buy one if they were real.

    I saw this a few days ago on TPFD, it’s a pretty good comic.

  • Brittany

    I’m offended. I most certainly do not look like a mix between a marshmallow, the KKK, and Billy Mays.

  • Tyler


    I went to the site, some of the comics are funny-ish. Most don’t really make any sense, especially the old ones.

  • Stacy

    Drew is a tongue-in-cheek kinda guy. I’ve been a fan of Toothpaste for a long time. His daily toons seem to be based on something that happened during the day…so it’s likely that he was snubbed by a smug heathen sometime this week. Poor Drew.

  • Derek

    ((Revyloution Says: Ron, don’t confuse smugness with *well earned* condescension. You can be smug and wrong. *Were* superior because *were* condescending and right.

    Plus, atheist humor is always funnier.))

    “Well-earned” and “we’re” would probably work better for being condescending and right.

    Can I get my Smuggie now?

    Cheers and Excelsior!

  • georgie

    I admit it made me giggle.

    I enjoyed this one more though…

  • hoverFrog

    Make your own and be really smug.