The Rap Guide to Evolution

Baba Brinkman explains evolution for the rap-loving youth:

You can see a more recent freestyle rap here.

I never thought I would be saying this but my list of pro-science and atheist rappers is growing.


(via New Humanist)

  • Godless Monster

    Great! I have to forward this to my kids :-)

  • Toby

    This guy is very good at writing lyrics….but he’s an awful rapper…he’s not even close to being on beat..and his voice is awful….nevertheless I appreciate his effort

  • polomint38

    He did this at 9 lessons in December and it went down really well.
    God stuff.

  • Tyler Erlandson

    If you like this album you should check out his new one about evolutionary psychology at

  • Tward83

    Atheist Hip Hop (i.e. originally Atheist Rap, also known as Atheology) is a form of music which uses Atheist themes to express the songwriter’s lack of faith. Only during the 21st century did this term “Atheist Rap” become descriptive of this type of music. While the audience is typically Atheist, the music is also used in Atheist mission work for the purpose of secularization.

    Atheist rap artists are often professed Atheists who often use their background to spread the individuals’ non-belief. Sometimes Atheism may be evident in part of a song or other times an entire song or album may focus on Atheist beliefs.

  • Tward83


    [1]: Saint Max,
    [2]: Papzt Der Atheist’s,
    [3]: Atheist Flow,
    [4]: Charlie Check’m,
    [5]: Proclaim,
    [6]: Freethought M.C.,
    [7]: Syqnys,
    [8]: Greydon Square,


  • Tward83

    Well, all things considered most rap now-a-days is off beat! The point about making music and writing songs isn’t to necessarily be on beat. I guarantee you that some of the songs you will admire forever had a few verses off-key, e.t.c.