When is a Human Eye like a Dead Parrot?

NonStampCollector explains:

"Oh dear. Too much time on his hands."

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  • http://lyonlegal.blogspot.com/ Vincent

    I think Graham Chapman, author of the parrot sketch and outspoken atheist, would have approved.

  • http://religiouscomics.net Jeff P

    Click here to see the Dead Parrot skit by Monty Python. :)

  • pyvsi

    “Fiddled with by the Devil” is the new “Dog Ate My Homework.”
    I’m so using it tomorrow.

  • http://hoverfrog.wordpress.com hoverfrog

    I like the banana on the laptop screen. Details like that make me chuckle.

  • Derek

    Had some funny bits, but overall it lacked the brilliance of the original.