Atheist Bus Campaign in… Argentina!

There’s an atheist bus ad making the rounds in Argentina:

The article (translated here) says this is all in promotion of an atheist conference taking place next month.

I love how this meme is spreading worldwide. What other countries need to get in on the action?

(Thanks to Facundo for the link)

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  • John Richardson

    Great! I’m looking forward to it running in Haiti.

  • Anna

    Great! I’m looking forward to it running in Haiti.

    Well, there’s a nasty remark if I ever saw one. I’m not sure what you’re implying. The Haitian people have been through quite a bit already. Are you underestimating their intelligence? Insinuating that the only hope or comfort they could find would be in religion? Pretending to be frightened for their delicate sensibilities?

    What good has religion ever done the Haitians? Neither Christianity nor Voodoo has made a dent in their abysmal poverty. False hope and false comfort is no hope or comfort at all. What the people in Haiti need is a functioning government, food, shelter, medical care, and education. That’s the only way their lives will ever improve.

  • Eamon Knight

    Well, as it happens here I am on vacation in Buenos Aires — and I haven’t seen one. Oh well. (Nice place, though).

  • SIL

    I participated in the NYC Bus Campaign for Atheism….and I am thrilled that my former country, Argentina, has joined in.

  • Okworks

    I’m sorry to have missed this! I live in Buenos Aires and I would have loved to go to this conference. I am looking for an atheist meetup or club here in BA. Someplace to go where I don’t have to watch my mouth.. Does anyone know of one?