Atheists Help the Homeless (#10)

Joe Zamecki and fellow atheists in Austin, Texas have been helping the homeless several times over the past year — yesterday was their 10th such giveaway:

I love it when they do this. It’s a helpful, easy-to-do program that any group can copy.

If you want to help them continue with this project, feel free to donate here.

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  • Korinthian

    What was that MR-something that was worth more than gold on the streets?

  • MREs – Meals Ready-to-Eat. You can find them in military surplus stores and camping stores. They come with utensils and some little extras. Very handy when you’re camping, and the food is actually tasty, too!

  • Korinthian


    Thanks Jennifer.

  • Fellowship of Freethought is starting this program in Dallas and will be doing our first give away in April under the bridge. We hope to collect enough for give-aways 2-3 times a year. It really is a simple, yet impacting charity opportunity.

  • TXatheist

    Thanks to all who have supported me and Joe and the others. Amanda, that is great to hear.

  • drrouge

    Didn’t Christians do something like this all the time? Just asking.