Off That (the Rationalist Anthem)

Baba Brinkman is an atheist rapper I’ve mentioned in the past.

Today. he released the new video for his song “Off That” — fantastic lyrics mixed with beautiful animation (by Tommy Nagle).

Plus, when was the last time you heard a rap song that referred to double-blind studies and the word “Fiddaith”?

How awesome is that? I feel ten points cooler now.

(via New Humanist)

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  • fritzy

    I think the word kids are using these days is “Phat.” Or is it “sick?” Whatever, this joint is exactly that.

    Baba was at the annual Rogue Festival (one of the largest fringe festival in the US) here in Fresno CA last year–I think he was rapping about the big-bang theory. Now I really wish I had made the time to go to that particular show.

  • Keith

    I’m not entirely sure what to say. I don’t like rap, generally. But this? Damn.

  • Karin

    Awesome. No other word for it.

  • William Brinkman

    Too bad we’re not related.

  • raisedbybadgers

    Damn, that was some good stuff.

  • Tom

    Having my more “woo” friends look at this. They like “woo,” but they like sexy art too. =P

    By the way, what’s so great about rationalism? If you are ignorant, you can still be perfectly rational, but ignorance is worse. Logical means more. Scientific inquiry is far sexier than rationality…

  • muggle

    Cool. He’s gonna make me like rap or something, he keeps that up. I’m too old to like rap.

  • Luke

    Amazing! I hope he puts out an entire album sometime soon! For a full appreciation of this video you must watch in HD. There is so much detail in the animation that could be missed otherwise :)

    If you like this type of rationalist rap you gotta check out Greydon Square!

  • Nathan (not the Christian Nathan)

    Are we able to support this nice young man financially through iTunes or something?

    I’ve been liking more and more rap lately. Good stuff.

  • Tom

    Greydon Square just posted the discography for his next album on his facebook page. It’s coming soon!

  • td

    is there a shirt yet ?

  • James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    Rap Crap? Invented so people with no musical talent at all could participate in the recording industry.

    Trash it, smash it, but never listen to one second of it.