Foundation Beyond Belief to Get Big Press

The Foundation Beyond Belief charity group I work with is slated to receive some great press in the near future. If all goes well, you’ll be reading about it in the New York Times tomorrow and the Chronicle of Philanthropy next week.

Executive Director Dale McGowan also shares some fantastic news about how much money non-religious people are giving to the various charities:

Thanks to our 324 contributing members, the first quarter of 2010 ended with over $12,500 raised for our first slate of beneficiaries. We’re tallying the totals for each charity and will announce final numbers next week.

Wow. That’s with limited media outreach, too. We really have to thank the publicity other bloggers have given the group for much of that.

I hope that the major articles will bring more people to the cause, helping us give more money to the newest slate of charities, revealed yesterday.

If you’re not already giving to FBB… get to it!

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