Baby Café

Wait… there’s a Baby Café in Panama City, Florida and no one told me when I visited that state?!

I missed out.

(Thanks to Bethany for the link!)

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  • Yaeger

    Enrolling them? In dough? Sugar? I must find out.

  • Marcus


    I wish this wasn’t on the other side of the country. Maybe I should start one.

  • I ask again: Anyone else find these dead baby jokes the epitome of puerile humor?

  • Ada

    You didn’t miss out. That’s my hometown, and I can assure you, no baby café would make it worth the trip!

  • wow i was there many times and never saw it! should have done dome more driving around… wait was it panama city or panama city beach? big difference

  • Karen


  • Justin

    Hemant, you wouldn’t be by any chance, jealous of PZ for having his squid shtick, and trying to make one for yourself, would you? 😀

  • @OneSTDV:

    Yes. And?

  • Ada

    @Renee, it’s PC. Not PCB.

  • SMA

    holy crap. i drive down that road like every week and …. oh wait… now i remember that place. lol.

  • Bethany

    Yaeger, in the Florida Panhandle, it would definitely be some kind of breading. It would then be deep-fried in oil that’s been reused many times to fry chicken, to give it the proper Southern flavor.