Don’t Like Church? Then Win This Prize.

The deadline for this contest is Friday night, but it might be of interest to some of you.

All you have to do is create a video explaining what you don’t like about church.

You could win $500. Considering the winner is decided by public vote, I think a Pharyngulation could be in order.

Oh… and it’s sponsored by a church. Ekklesia Detroit. Which makes it all the more interesting…

There are some rules you should look at (e.g. videos must be under two minutes long).

Good luck!

(via Church Marketing Sucks)

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  • James

    The small print scares me.
    Submitting a video gives them full perpetual rights to use your name, likeness and video, and modify it in any way to use for any purpose they see fit.
    This includes editing it to make you look stupid and airing it on national television.

    For 500 bucks, no thanks.
    But for 5k I will sell my soul, barely used, 1 owner.

  • The Godless Monster

    No way. After reading the “CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION”…I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone.

  • Orson

    No way I can make a decent church porn that’s 2 minutes long.

  • Stephanie

    OMG… Look at rule #3… In the same rule where they tell you they won’t discriminate against you based on faith, and will also accept videos by non-Christians, they throw in “Of course, leave out cussing and innapropriate sexual content.” WTF?! lol… Why isn’t it a separate rule? They tied it together with being non-Christian! –Like we need reminding? Hypocrites!

    Note to self: Avoid church competitions.

  • Anna

    These people just don’t get it. The problem is not their building, not their sermon, not their music, not their minister, not their politics, and not their congregation. The problem is their theology. And unless they’re willing to change their theology, they’re never going to attract non-Christians (let alone atheists) to their church. This contest is missing the whole point.

  • Jon

    I’m pretty sure that the contest rules are copy pasted from some other contest on the net. I’m sure they’re just there to protect any lawsuits