Stained Glass Flying Spaghetti Monster

I have a newfound appreciated for stained-glass windows:

It was created by artist Sarah Pierce.

I don’t know where it’s located, but if someone tells me, I’ll go worship there from now on.

"Thank you for this. I learned a lot."

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  • medussa

    Fan. Tas. Tic. I want it.

  • Richard Brum

    I bow down to its greatness. Our monster, who art in marinara sauce, yummy be thy name…

  • Where the heck is it? I want to make a pilgrimage! In the name of His Noodliness and the glory of his appendages! RAmen!

  • …..tell me where it is people….i must lick it……..LICK IT I TELL YOU!

  • Houndies

    mmmmm, spaghetti. soooo hungry. is cheese a sin?

  • Joyfulbaby

    Ooh, I got a FSM decal for my car for my birthday last week. So happy!

  • Hi everyone,

    This piece is digital. Sarah is good with light. You are welcome to use the image by the way. Get the high-resolution version here.

  • Egoist Paul

    I love it. The perception of depth is excellent. I wonder if there is a 3D model for this. If so, I’ll be considered buying it.

  • stephanie

    That is absolutely awesome!!!
    Would she consider selling the pattern to other free thinking glaziers?

  • Melmister

    I am in utter awe over the size of FSM’s appendages!

  • Mak

    It’s not real? Noooo my faith is destroyed. ;___;

  • Richard Wade

    This is so good. The details are masterful: The slightly imperfect curves that leaded glass works produce, the refraction and shadowing in the textured pieces along the border, and that very convincing glow.

    Sarah Pierce, as an artist myself I am in awe.

  • Ubi Dubium

    I often do pieces in stained glass paint, which does a pretty convincing simulation of glass, at least from a distance. That design should certainly be possible in paint – I may have to try.

  • Angie


  • Canadiannalberta

    What a wonderful piece of art! I thought it was real, that’s how good it is. Too bad it isn’t, I would so go and see it.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    Where’s the pirates?

  • Eh, I couldn’t fit the pirates in. I tried to follow the laws of glass as close I could.. and lo, He inspired in me this glorious portrait. So bask in his meatbally warmth. window stickers coming soon!