Did Someone Wear This At Your Wedding?

I don’t personally know the person who will soon don this… but I want him to preside over my future wedding:

Now, all we need is a Flying Spaghetti Monster wedding cake and my plans will be set.

Can’t think of anything else I’m forgetting…

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  • medussa

    A bride? Groom? Some guests? Beer?!

  • Jonas

    A Jewish – FSM believer?

  • Angie

    Who needs a wedding cake? Have a giant bowl of angel hair with marinara sauce instead!

  • Mel

    Love this!!! Wish my guy at city hall could have worn it, LOL!!! It was a guilty pleasure to shoot down my in-law’s dreams of a church wedding 😉

  • TychaBrahe
  • Jerad

    A FSM cake? I’d have totally pegged you for a baby cake!

  • Claudia

    Who needs a wedding cake? Have a giant bowl of angel hair with marinara sauce instead!

    My stomach just tied itself in a bow and then went on strike thanks to that….urghh, just the thought of it…

    (In Spain Angel Hair is caramelized pumpkin fibers…basically ultrasweet light brown slime)

  • Angie

    Claudia — Would it make you feel better if I called it capellini?

  • Claudia

    Angie yes, much better 😉

    Actually it was just my first gut reaction, I did eventually come around to the fact that Angel Hair probably meant something different to English speaking audiences.

    I’m more of a tagliatelle type, myself.

  • John

    What IN HELL is it? A scarf? A rejected piece of Mormon Underwear? WHAT?

  • Edmond

    What’s the fishbone thing for?

  • http://skepticaldrew.blogspot.com Drew M.

    What? No “Bob” Dobbs?

  • http://www.twitter.com/lauruhhpalooza Lauruhhpalooza

    I better still be your bride man, we had an agreement!