Who Knew Yip Yips Were Atheists?

Reader Caley thinks that just because he gets a character from Sesame Street to say he’s an atheist who eats babies, that I’ll automatically post it.

He would be right 🙂

"Well, I'm on the left and I loves me some granola. :)"

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  • Ham Nox

    I think I just lost 10 IQ points from watching this pointless video.

  • Oh man, this made my day!

  • I love the Yip-Yips! Whoo hoo!

  • This video was moderately amusing. Then, after it finished and the related videos displayed, I found one that was 10,000 times more awesome — the Yip Yips singing gangster rap. It was surprisingly well-synced and thus amusing 😀

  • My little girls enjoyed this. 🙂 Not the part about eating babies, they kinda looked at me, wondering if THIS creature is what they should be afraid of, instead of missionaries. But they smiled and shook/nodded their heads along with the right answers to his questions. They really seemed to like that yip yips knew the right answers.

  • Sandra

    looks like Yip-yip eats cameras as well! LOL

  • Caley ‘PolyLan’ Phillips

    Well you have to understand.. My camera IS my baby *huggles ‘cursor’ close to his heart*

  • Tim

    I’m surprised nobody pointed out that Yip Yips are rather reminiscent of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Formed in his image?