Visiting Oregon This Friday

Just a reminder that I’ll be speaking at the University of Oregon (in the city of Eugene) this Friday night for the Alliance of Happy Atheists.

All the details can be found here!

The event is free and we’ll all be going out for dinner afterwards!

Hope you can make it.

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  • Hugh

    Eugene is a really cool city. I almost got a job offer there, once. Alas I ended up in Arizona instead.

  • Alex

    20 pounds of buffalo spoiled!

    Anne is sick with dysentery.

    Your axle just broke.

    Would you like to ford the river or hire a guide?

  • Slickninja

    Really, whatever happens in AHA! stays in AHA!

    I’m stoked, it’ll be a shindig for sure.

  • SpencerDub

    Will it be a gathering, a shindig, or a hootenanny? There’s quite a difference.

  • Revyloution

    work is hell. Im unable to attend.

    Hope to catch you next time Hemant.

    btw, Alex wins the thread.