Let’s Help an Atheist Out

My friend Zack Ford is competing to win a scholarship to Netroots Nation, courtesy of Freedom To Marry.

In order to win, he wrote a couple blog posts and answered some questions — you can read those here.

But none of that technically matters because the winner is chosen through an Internet survey.

Let’s Pharyngulate this baby.

You can vote for Zack Ford once a day for the next week :)

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  • Kyle

    On it.

    Also, take care. There are two Zacks on the list!

  • http://zackfordblogs.com ZackFord

    Thanks in advance, everybody!!!

  • Heidi

    Voted. Any friend of Hemant’s deserves to win things. /nod

  • http://www.lavenderliberal.com/ Buffy

    Zack rocks; of course I’ll vote for him!

  • http://diaphanus.livejournal.com/ Ian Andreas Miller

    I voted for him!

  • Carol B

    I voted too! Great blog, Zack.

    A little friendly feedback to you: I found the blog a little hard to read, with the white text on black background. Is it just me? Seemed a little hard on the eyes. You don’t want anyone to have to work to read your stuff, you know? Especially when it’s good stuff like yours! :-)

  • http://zackfordblogs.com ZackFord

    Thanks for the feedback and support, Carol!

    Incidentally, a few readers who have visual impairments have informed me that the white on black is actually EASIER to read. I guess you can’t win ’em all.

    Of course, anyone can read my content in a feedreader. 😉