Audio Interview with Phil Plait

During The Amazing Meeting 8, Robin Ferguson and I sat down to talk with Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy.

I had planned to transcribe it, but there’s so much interesting stuff Phil discussed — ranging from his “super secret project” to PepsiGate to not being a dick — that it was much easier to upload the audio and just put it out there.

(Speaking of not being a dick, here’s a a decent transcript of Phil’s TAM8 talk.)

You can download the interview here (MP3).

(This is the image he refers to in the interview.)

And now you know why I don’t do a podcast :)

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  • Kaleena

    ooolala!! big secrets!

  • mattand

    I can’t find any links on the Z share page to actually get at the MP3. Did I miss something?

  • Hemant Mehta

    @mattand — Sorry about that. The direct link is here.

  • mattand

    Merci gracias!