Message to Brother Jed: Atheists Love All!

You all remember notorious campus preacher Brother Jed, the victim of The Boot Protest, and his colleague Sister Cindy:

(Sister Cindy has nothing to do with this posting… I just love that image.)

Anyway, Jed showed up at the University of Kansas on the first day of classes. Sounds like a crappy way to begin the school year, but there’s a happy ending to this story.

KU student Conrad Hudson explains on Facebook what happened (he refers to the president of the campus atheist group, Joey Subatai Ralph):

There sits Brother Jed, staff in hand, wearing a shirt that reads: “You Deserve Hell.” A gay KU student is handing him a rock and asking him to stone him if he is so intent on preaching the literal truth of the Bible.

Joey has just walked up behind him with a sign reading “Atheists Love You All” which was met with a round of applause from the fairly large crowd on the steps of Wesco. It was the first and only applause from the crowd that day.


And here’s the picture:

I love it. And I don’t feel bad for Jed at all.

The more atheists can provide an alternative, reasonable voice to the crazy campus preachers, the less influence those preachers have. We can make them look even more out-of-touch with reality than they already are. Let’s never forget: We’re the rational ones here.

Kudos to Joey for the great sign. Next time, let’s have a chorus of atheists join him with their own.

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