Atheists in Austin Adopted a Highway, Too!

The Atheist Longhorns at the University of Texas at Austin adopted a street last year.

I just found out the Atheist Community of Austin adopted a street of their own, too! They did it a while ago, but it’s still going on to this day:

This is only one of their two adopted streets.

That group is always doing awesome community service projects… other groups could take a lesson from them.

(Thanks to Joe for the link!)

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  • Drew

    I drive the street quite frequently, they keep it clean for sure. :)

  • leeloo

    we need one in shreveport!

  • Matt Dillahunty

    I’d not only challenge other atheist groups to take similar actions, but to be more active in general.

    Do something, even if only a handful of people show up.

    In addition to the street cleanup, we have regular blood drives, produce a weekly television show (streaming live and posted as a podcast in addition to the public access TV), a bi-weekly internet audio podcast, a monthly lecture series, a weekly dinner after the show on Sundays, a weekly happy hour, voters’ guides and our annual bat cruise and pub crawls.

    In the past we’ve done additional activities, including a board-gaming night, roller skating, pool, parties and more. We’ve tried it all.

    Be prepared – some events will die off or never even get started, but if you’re willing to let the group be whatever it wants to be, I think you’ll see great rewards and more active members.

    We need more, active, productive atheists and atheist groups. If there’s not one in your area, start one! :)

  • Red

    isnt that tracy from TAE?

  • ACN

    I think I’m seeing you talk tomorrow at UMBC Matt!

  • muggle

    I’d love to see more Atheist groups do stuff like this!

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Yes, but do they love their adopted streets as much as their natural born streets?

  • Dunga

    Tank, bald guy in sunnies looks like he’s going to kill someone

  • Korinthian

    This is my favorite atheist group. Keep up the good work.