Help Foundation Beyond Belief Finish the Year Strong

Behind the scenes at Foundation Beyond Belief, we’ve had a lot of discussion about how to make our organization better. We know what you all have said in the past (especially regarding outreach to charities that may be religious in nature) and we’re taking steps to address those issues in a way that will make our members happy. We’ll be announcing big changes soon 🙂

In the meantime, check out what you’ve done in less than one year.

In 2010, our members fed, clothed, and paid school tuition for 22 impoverished children in Nepal. We have funded science education in India and in US public schools and supported efforts to fight global warming and protect biodiversity.

We put textbooks in Uganda’s humanist schools and peacebuilding teams in Uganda’s conflict areas. We funded efforts to improve access to health care for marginalized populations on four continents and in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake. We helped launch a new Camp Quest in Virginia and helped build a new school for girls in Pakistan.

We’ve added humanist voices and dollars to the fight for LGBT rights, the key civil rights struggle of our time. We’ve empowered adoptions, fed the hungry, and worked to protect the most vulnerable — refugees in war, victims of torture, women under threat of religious violence, political asylees, people struggling with addiction, and those hoping for dignity at the end of their lives.

Altogether, members have raised over $70,000 for 37 charities.

Let’s keep this going as the year ends.

All donations made to the charities go entirely to those organizations — the Foundation supports itself with separate funding and we could use your help to continue our work. If you have a spare buck or two, please consider giving it to the Foundation this month.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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