Do Christmas Trees Make You Feel Uncomfortable?

American Atheists’ president Dave Silverman was back on Fox News Channel yesterday — this time, alongside the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue — to talk about a study which claims that Christmas trees in the workplace make some people feel excluded.

Somehow, Hitler gets worked into the argument at the end of the clip…

Donohue’s suggests that anyone offended by the tree can 1) get over it, 2) move to another country, 3) convert to Catholicism, or 4) enter an asylum.

Dave, who impresses me more with each media appearance, states the obvious: A workplace ought to be secular — a place where everyone, regardless of faith background, can come together to just get work done. Adding a Christmas tree — or even an atheist plaque — is just asking for division and exclusion.

Side note: Donohue made this appalling remark around the 3:30 mark:

“I got a lot of Jewish friends, I just talked to one of my friends here half an hour ago. Everybody celebrates Christmas…”

I was shocked.

Who knew Bill Donohue had friends?!

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