When Atheists ‘Act Like Jesus’

It’s always interesting to hear Christians giving us credit where it’s due…

Like this blogger, Mason, who speaks in Christianese but is trying to grapple with the fact that atheists can be kind and generous despite what the church might have him believe…

It’s become pretty common that I’ll be involved in a deep discussion about faith, politics, or ethics and will end up coming to the defense not of my fellow Christians but of my atheist/agnostic friends.

Not because I agree with their agnosticism, but because they seem to be telling the Story more faithfully than many Christians are.

This can pose a bit of a dilemma though, especially when Christians often assume you can only be truly loving and gracious if you’re “saved”…

If I’m behind a pulpit preaching a message of exclusion and superiority while my atheist neighbor is inviting a co-worker over for Christmas dinner because that person’s family rejected them for their lifestyle and they have no one to feast with, who is acting more like Jesus?

Sometimes the people who reject the music end up singing the song better than we do.

Well, it’s not about acting like Jesus. Many atheists do lots of volunteer work, give plenty to charity, donate our blood during this life and our organs after we die, and we help out people whenever we can. But we don’t always do it with groups of atheists, so it often goes under the radar.

In short, though, it’s about acting like kind, decent human beings.

It’s amazing how religion can so often get in the way of that.

(Thanks to Brett for the link)

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