If God Held a Press Conference…

At least he’s honest 🙂

(via SMBC Theater)

"Their god only hears prayers in which everyone is forced to participate."

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  • *likes*

  • Richard P.

    Now let’s see him on trial.

  • The Truth

    That was awesome, I wish my wife could find humor in it (shes a southern baptist preachers daughter, we have a 10 month old boy, yeah, a little complicated). Not as complicated as a gay guy and a lesbian dating, but pretty complicated. BYW, if anyone has any input on my situation, im all ears. I am an atheist(not because I chose to be, but because logic, common sense, rationality, intelligence, and a raised consciousness impetuously demands it.

  • Tizzle

    “Have you met children? They’re a bunch of psychopaths.” Ha ha, I lold. Or loled.

  • Chas, PE SE

    One of the best lines from the short-lived “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” (a show about a SNL-type show, by Aaron Sorkin:
    “The network censors say we’ll offend people”
    “Yeah – too bad we don’t have Jesus Christ as our Standards and Practices guy”


  • shitty administrator? lol.

  • Steve

    That’s indeed the whole point of the OT

    He completely screwed up the garden eden part. Then he notices that things go wrong again and floods the whole world, killing everyone except Noah’s incestuous family. Then a while later things are going badly again and all this allegedly omnipotent being can come up with is a human sacrifice in Israel.

    It’s just a crazy.

  • Leoal

    LOL at Jesus.