Voting Time

Today’s a big Speech Team day — It’s the Sectional tournament where we find out who will make it to next week’s State tournament. So I’m out of commission for a bit longer…

In the meantime, I would appreciate any votes you can cast for this site in the Bloggies! We’re in the running for “Best Weblog About Religion.”

And if you’d prefer to do something less complicated, we’re also in the running for the “Agnosticism/Atheism 2011 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Atheist Blog of 2010.”

That’s a mouthful, but it’s easy to vote!

Ok, people. Apparently, someone named “Pharyngula” is crushing me. We must destroy him. Maybe I’ll ask PZ Myers to put in a good word for me…

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  • Michael Hawkins

    I’m going to have to boycott that site. It includes Watts Up With That as a science blog.

  • Drew M.


    PZ’s minions crack me up.

  • Lgirl

    I voted for you.
    and in all the rest I voted against Pioneer Woman. Gosh she get’s my goat.

  • Esattezza

    For, the record: though I regularly pharyngulate blogs, I voted for you in that second one.

  • Tony

    I found out about it from Pharyngula but I voted for you anyway Hemant. Do I get a prize?

  • Tom is Money

    At a respectable 9% this morning, does this mean you’re the Tim Pawlenty to PZ’s Mitt Romney?

  • Cheryl

    I voted for you both on different computers. Both of you are #1 to me.

    @ Lgirl – Pioneer Woman annoys me, too.

  • Kat

    I’ve been reading PZ much longer than I have been reading you.

    When I discovered you, it was like a breath of fresh air. Finally, an atheist blog I enjoy and can actually agree with (most of the time). I value your “friendly” approach – I feel it is more civil, productive, and reasonable. I also get the opinion you are not terribly full of yourself (unlike certain other bloggers…)

    Oh, and yes, I voted for you 😉

  • Dan W

    I see the Pharyngulation of one of those polls has already begun. I voted for you, but PZ is winning by a massive amount.

  • chicago dyke

    i fear we are no match for PZ’s hoards, Hemant. sorry. but for the record, i like this blog much better. people here disagree but it rarely gets nasty like at some other places. we’re ‘friendly!’