I Can Play One Chord on a Guitar…

How did I not know about Rodrigo y Gabriela until yesterday?

They’re freaking amazing.

And now I’m in the middle of listening through everything they’ve ever done…

What other bands/groups am I unaware of that you’re all keeping from me?

(I’m just gonna assume you can all read my mind.)

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  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/erinh2o Erin T.

    I love that duo! Saw them live at McMenamins last summer – AMAZING! You might also enjoy Kaki King and Takenobu.

  • ericka

    didn’t they start as a metal band? I love them!

  • http://staceyhh.blogspot.com Stacey

    Try Martin Sexton. Stunning versatility. (Nothing like R & G, who are even more amazing when you see them live, but excellent.) Also, if you want great electric blues guitar licks, look up Joe Bonnamassa. Jake Shimabukuro is a virtuoso on the ukulele of all things. You might have seen him in a couple of commercials lately.

  • Scott

    Jose Gonzalez

    Tim Minchin
    (Also atheists, so double points!)

  • Harry

    Newton Faulkner.

  • Jeff Handy

    That’s some duet! If you like these, you may like Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour.

  • Julien

    You’ve been missing out on Great Big Sea too – the most popular Canadian band you’ve never heard of.

  • NiphraDil

    A rather different genre,but you might like it Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra feat. pianist Hiromi

  • Rachel

    Wow, I just got blown away!

  • a different phil

    Did you know about the Leningrad Cowboys?

  • Anna N.

    yes, they are pretty good. If it helps, I learned only recently that Radiohead is actually fabulous and Imogen Heap is great too.

  • keystothekid

    I second the Jose Gonzalez recommendation.

  • Kamaka

    Oh, it’s musicianship you like?

    Taraf de Haidouks wins. This CD comes with a DVD of a live performance that is mind-boggling.

    Their CD “Maskarada” is a favorite of mine.

  • Shells

    Epica. In my humble opinion, they are the best symphonic metal. Despite being metal, and having some grunting here and there, I guarantee you can’t help but appreciate them. Not everyone falls in love, but everyone appreciates.

    Try Chasing the Dragon or Cry for the Moon to start with.

  • http://girlofthegaps.blogspot.com/ Nicole Schrand

    Janelle Monae and Corvus Corax come to mind, not that they’re really at all similar to this, or to each other, lol. Still excellent music, though.

  • Bryan Elliott

    May I humbly suggest The Mars Volta, specificially the album “Frances the Mute”.


    Good for a brain-fucking.

  • http://scientificallyminded.com Anthony

    The Black Keys

  • The Other Tom
  • http://www.twitter.com/WCLPeter WCLPeter

    Wayne Wesley Johnson and Ruben Romero’s “Hypnotic Safari” is one of my favourite “go to” albums when I’m reading or just want to sit quietly.

    If you like trippy electronic music not much beats Mike Oldfield or Jean Michel Jarre.

    Nearly everyone has a favourite Night Ranger tune.

    But if you want the best of the best, at least in my opinion, then you’re going to spend an awful lot of time listening to The Alan Parsons Project, they are the most well known band that almost no one knows about. Purchase one the “Best Of” albums and you’ll likely be all “Woah! I love this song, I can’t believe I never knew this is who made it!” on a number of tracks


    PS: I was going to put in some iTunes / Amazon links so people could go and get samples of the stuff I’m linking but the site wouldn’t let me hyperlink those. I ended up having to use the Wiki Pages for most of them, though I was able to use the Alan Parson’s page directly and his store has samples of all the albums.

  • bill

    I second the radiohead recommendation. Also, the arcade fire and LCD soundsystem. I could recommend a ton of stuff. what genres are you looking for?

  • Liz


  • http://www.weaseltrap.com marf

    They are great. But I have to plug my husband, a nice atheist guitar player. I use his website as mine in these comments. He’s got a Facebook page. Give him a shot.

  • Steve

    What I find myself listening the most to for some time now is soundtracks. In particular the work of Bear McCreary. He did the music for Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Walking Dead and Human Target (Season 1), among others. He is by far one of the most innovative modern soundtrack composers. His work contains tons of different styles like relentless drumming, ethnic vocals, string quartets, solo violins, sweeping (and huge) orchestras, solo piano, rock, heavy metal, opera, celtic flutes and bagpipes and whatever else you can think of. And yet all fits together seamlessly

    Sarah Connor’s Theme:

    Two Funerals:
    A Good Lighter:
    Wander My Friends:
    The Shape of Things to Come:
    A Promise to Return:
    Prelude to War:
    Roslin and Adama:
    A Distant Sadness:
    Admiral and Commander:
    Violence and Variations:
    Gentle Execution:
    The Signal:
    The Alliance:
    Diaspora Oratorio:
    The Heart of the Sun:
    So Much Life:
    Kendra’s Memories:
    Apocalypse (Live):

    And since the last track contains an awesome Cello solo, I recommend Zoe Keating:
    (or search her on YouTube for some cool live performances)

    She’s basically a one-woman string quartet, looping back her own performance to make it increasingly complex. You’d never think a single Cello could sound like that

  • Rhodent

    Kind of hard to make recommendations without knowing your tastes, but I’ll take a few shots in the dark…

    The Bad Plus — jazz trio (piano, bass, drums), fond of doing jazz interpretations of rock songs. I saw the world premiere of their interpretation of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” a few days ago and was completely blown away.

    Mono; Explosions in the Sky; Sigur Ros — Three amazing post-rock bands. Mono is a little darker than the others (their promotional material describes their music as “the most beautiful noise you will ever hear”, and it’s not a bad description); Sigur Ros is a little lighter and (unlike the other two) features vocals, although not in English.

    Rachel’s — Indie rock meets chamber music. Their style varies widely, from very pretty acoustic music to highly electronic stuff. And yes, their name really is intended to be a possessive. :-)

    Talk Talk — Best known as the one-hit wonder (here in America, at least) that brought us “It’s My Life”, but their later albums (“Spirit of Eden” and “Laughing Stock” sound COMPLETELY different and are great sitting-in-the-dark-with-the-headphones-on music.

  • Sara


    Indonesian…sings in English and French. Amazing voice

  • Daniel Dingeldein

    Check out:
    Here Come The Mummies

    Great Big Sea

    I think you’ll really appreciate the Great Big Sea song Consequence Free!

  • Ben Zalisko

    As a fingerpicking guitarist, I really like Adam Rafferty. He’s got a lot of great covers and some originals on youtube.

  • Christie

    Check out the compilation Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings.

  • Dan W

    It depends what kinds of music you like, Hemant. If you like some more techno/electronic/synth music, I recommend Daft Punk:
    ^Some examples of their songs.

  • qtip

    How about Mumford & Sons?

    Little Lion Man

    It sounds like acoustic Irish fold music to my uneducated ears…but with a bit of an edge.

  • Rich Wilson

    Along with Great Big Sea, how about Big Sugar.


  • http://wazaghun.blogspot.com wazaghun

    Try the Yoshida Brothers.

    1) Instrumental only:

    2) My favorite: Rising (the two + some cool rock background)

    3) A copy by american(?) students

  • Stephen P

    For something totally different and quite awe-inspiring, have you met Nikolai Lugansky?

  • Richiban

    If ever anyone asks about great guitarists to listen to, you just /have/ to mention Andy McKee. I think he’s one of the greatest living guitarists!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBIFms2uUlo Buzz Bomber

    Here is a number I wrote recently called Infinite Regression (Turtles All the Way Down).

    It features Bill O’Rielly’s comments to Dave Silverman about the tide going in and out and describes an alternate view of the universe, all set to a heavy psychedelic groove.



  • writzer

    Strunz and Farah. Similar, but different.

  • LaurenF

    There’s some neat-sounding stuff in these comments!

    My suggestion is Týr, pagan metal from the Faroe Islands. Their song Ocean made me think of FA the other day:

    the ways of the world
    do not change by your choice to believe
    in a lie
    you should sail out and see where you stand
    I demand
    for the moment you choose to believe
    you deceive
    and you’re building your castles on sand

    They’re my philosophical band. Heri Joensen is an impressive musician/songwriter, in my book.

  • webhed38

    Todd Snider…..A great songwritter, story teller, comedian….and he describes himself as “an evangelical agnostic”!!


  • Matt E
  • Matthew F. Tabor
  • http://en.allexperts.com/q/Atheism-2724/indexExp_111189.htm Jeffrey Eldred

    Nice recommendation Scott!

  • http://www.weaseltrap.com marf

    If any of y’all are responsible for the sudden flurry of sales at my husband’s website, I’d just like to thank you. We’re not sure if it’s from here or the guitar forum.
    If you’re looking for another fab female guitarist, check out Vicki Genfan.

  • sven

    David Rawlins, makes amazing team with Gillian Welch, check out his finger picking solos.

    Red Clay Halo

    Caleb Meyer

  • http://slantrhyme.wordpress.com/ slantrhyme

    Well, um, there’s this garage band from Australia called Royal Chant….

  • Chas

    Second on Kaki King. Her early stuff, particularly, played her the guitar as percussion instruments, much like RyG.


  • http://Www.deskew.com David

    Get the album “Friday night in San Francisco” The musicians are Al Demeola, Paco de Lucia and John McLaughlin, all three playing acoustic/flamenco style. Those guys just blow everyone else out of the water

  • Hugh

    The interesting thing about Rodrigo y Gabriela is that although they’re from Mexico, they got their start busking in the streets of Dublin… a sort of real-life version of “Once”!

    Some other names to search for in youtube:

    La Bottine Souriante

    Habib Koite

  • Robert L.

    Crystal Castles, Freelance Whales, I Blame Coco and Lykke Li. All awesome musicians, though they’re not on the mainstream playlists.

  • Vas
  • Vas

    Oh no I can’t stop

    Here’s a gem, (look at lots more BKF)

    For the fans of dirty hippies


    And this is a blast from the future or past

    Aw man I could go on for days… Screw the radio.


  • ALE

    Second on Mono, great stuff, try Mogwai from scotland good post rock.

  • everettattebury
  • Vystrix Nexoth

    I mostly listen to video game music… there’s a lot of it out there, and good for listening to as background music – which is what it was originally designed for, of course – and good for setting the mood for just about anything with the right music selections. (Facing a particularly tough writing/programming/etc challenge? Put on some boss battle music!) And, of course, for listening to in its own right.

    It seems to be a largely untapped source of music, at least whenever I bring it up whenever I happen to have the ear of someone running a webradio broadcast or something.

    They’re plentiful on Youtube: just search for “{name of game} music” or the like. However, I listen to them in chiptune form: extracted from the source, playing exactly like the original, looping indefinitely, etc… but requiring specialized players (in my case, Winamp plugins) and knowing what to look for (“NSF”, “SPC”, “PSF” etc, for NES, Super NES and PlayStation, respectively). Takes a bit of setting up – and, in my case, running a program in WINE, not integrating as well with the rest of my desktop – but well worth it for someone like me who greatly enjoys it.

    That said: Final Fantasy music is likely a good place to start, the series’ music being greatly admired. I might recommend Final Fantasy X in particular to start with.

    There’s also remixes. Many remixes. (Look up “OC ReMix”, a site with hundreds of the things, or look up “{something} remix” on Youtube.) These serve much the same purpose.

    Perhaps video game music can make you think about music differently just as this Rodrigo y Gabriela one has made me think about guitar music differently.

  • Keet

    Justin King is another talented artist. Most of his videos are just him on a guitar, but he played with a band for a short time as well.

    Double Neck Guitar:


    Newest Album: