Gay Grammar Humor

She has two mommies, she knows her grammar, and she corrected her teacher.

Coolest. Child. Ever.

(via The New Yorker — cartoon by Willian Haefeli)

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  • SkeptiMommy

    Hahaha! Nice. I love it!

  • Todd

    I almost hate to say it, but…you sure that’s a girl?

  • David

    I had to look at the drawing again too…maybe I just assumed she was female because Hemant described her that way…but she could also be Heather of Heather has Two Mommies…which would make total sense…

  • Tania

    LOVED it! Does look like a little boy, but does it REALLY matter when you’re just trying to get a point across?

  • … I can’t believe some of the first comments are gender policing.

  • Nordog

    …I can’t believe I just read the phrase “gender policing”.

  • Adam

    You could make an argument that “Mothers'” is correct anyway. After all, the day celebrates all mothers, not just yours.

  • Shawn

    I love apostrophe humour!

  • Nordog

    I love apostrophe humour!

    Which reminds me of Frank Zappa humor.

    (And watch the exclamation mark usage there, or you might trigger some exclamation policing.) 😉

  • As a grammar-loving daughter of two moms, I heartily approve! 😉

  • Nordog,

    If you’ve never heard the phrase “gender policing” before, you mustn’t move in very progressive circles. It is, actually, a very real problem for children who act in non-stereotypical fashions. Such children may or may not grow up to be gay and/or trans*. Either way, they should be supported.


  • Jasmine

    *sniffle* This makes me so proud! There is hope for the future, after all, and I’m not just referring to the grammar!

  • Junie Shaw

    Haha, That’s interesting.
    Best wishes for all of mommies.

  • tudza

    I suspect this usage is acceptable, but the official name of the day is Mother’s Day.